Christmas Cheer Doily




Materials: Size 40 Crochet Cotton 186 yds white, 125 yds red and 65 yds green

Crochet Hook Size 11 or 1.00 mm

Form loop with end of white thread.

Rnd 1: Ch 1, in beg lp work 16 sc; close with sl st in first sc.

Rnd 2: In each st around work 1 dc and 3 ch; close with sl st in 3rd st of ch-6 and sl st to first ch lp.

Rnd 3: Ch 5 ( 1 to count as first sc and 4 for first ch lp), work * 1 sc in next ch lp, 4 ch, rep from *
around; close with sl st in first st of ch05 and cont with 1 sl st in eahc of next 2 sts of first ch lp.

Rnd 4: Replacing first tr with 4 ch, in each ch lp work * 3-tr cl and 7 ch * ; close with sl st in top of
first cl. Cut white.

Rnd 5: Attach green with sl st in 4th st of ch-7 of next ch lp and work * 1 shell <sh> ( = 2 dc, 3 ch
and 2 dc), 2 ch * in 4th st of each ch-7 lp; close with sl st in top of ch-3 (= first dc) and slip st to first
ch lp.

Rnd 6: Replacing first sc with 1 ch, work * 1 sc, 3 ch, 1 sc and 7 ch * in ch-3 lp of each sh; close
same as on rnd 3. Cut green.

Rnds 7-18: Work following diagram, change colors as shown.

Replace: last 4 ch on rnds 8 and 17 with tr worked in ch-1; last 3 ch on rnd 11 with dc; and last 5 ch
on rnd 15 with dtr. Close all other rnds with sl st.

At end of rnd 18, cut green.

Rnds 19-33: With right side facing, attach white and work following diagram. On rnd 19, close with
sl st worked in 4th st of ch-11, all next even - numbered rnd ( up to rnd 28 ) with sl st in top of ch-3
and sl st to center of first ch lp. On odd - numbered rnds and other rnds, close with sl st in ch-1
counting as first sc. At end of rnd 31, cut white. Lastly, work rnds 32 and 33 in red. At end of rnd
33, fasten off. SEE GRAPH BELOW