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Free Crochet Pattern ~
Rose Bouquet Mat

Materials: Crochet Cotton Size 30 Green 5 balls and Pink 3 balls
Crochet Hook Size 10

Finished Size Approximately 11 x 17 ½ inches

Starting at A on chart with Green, ch 167.

Row 1: Dc in 8th ch from hook (sp made), * ch 2, skip 2 ch, dc in next ch.
Repeat from * across. Ch 5, turn. (54 sps)

Row 2: Skip first dc, dc in next dc (sp made over sp), * 2 dc in next sp,
dc in next dc (bl made over sp). Repeat from * across to within last sp,
ch 2, skip 2 ch, dc in next ch. Ch 5, turn.

Row 3: Make 1 sp, dc in next 3 dc (bl made over bl); (ch 2, skip 2 dc, dc
in next dc) twice (2 sps made over 2 bls); make (1 bl, 2 sps) 5 times; 1
bl, 14 sps, (1 bl, 2 sps) 6 times; 1 bl, 1 sp. Ch 5, turn.

Starting with 4th row follow chart until 20 rows are completed.

Row 21: Make 1 sp, 1 bl, 16 sp, ch 2, drop green attach pink and
working over green in order to conceal it, make 2 bl, 2 dc in nxt sp,
holding back on hook the last loop of next dc, make dc in nxt dc, drop
pink, draw green loop through–always change colours in this manner–
do not work over pink, make 9 sps, 6 bls, 15 sps, 1 bl and 1 sp. Ch 5,

Row 22: Make 1 sp, 1 bl, 2 sps, 1 bl, 13 sps, 5 bls, 7 sps, ch 2, drop
green, pick, up pink, make 5 bls, drop pink, pick up green, make 13 sps,
1 bl, 2 sps, 1 bl and 1 sp. Ch 5, turn. Starting with 23rd row follow chart
to top, changing colours as before, always attaching a separate strand
of pink for each new flower and breaking off pink at end of each flower.

Edging: Attach green to any corner sp, 7 sc in same sp, 3 sc in each sp
around, making 7 sc in each corner sp. Join and break off. Starch lightly
and press.
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